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Multi Functional Devices

The technological advancement has made it possible to unclutter your office and choose smarter equipment that can help you do more. Imagine how clean your desk will look if there is just one machine that can scan, copy, as well as print! Such multifunctional products are heavily in demand these days, thanks to their compactness and multi-functionality.

If you are setting up a new office or want to upgrade your existing office equipment such as printers, scanners, and copiers, get in touch with us today. TECH PRO is a licensed dealer of multifunctional devices of all leading brands. We can suggest you the best possible option that will exactly serve your purpose without having you break your bank. We have multifunctional printers that can scan as well copy. Some of them can be directly connected to an USB or flash drive. Many other models lets you directly print pictures from the camera.

The options we have are amazing and are perfect for small offices that do not have too much space. We deal with multifunctional devices of many leading brands. They are available in a wide price range to suit all pockets. So, if you are looking for ‘all-in-one’ devices, get in touch with us today for more details.

We sell new as well as used multifunctional devices. If you are on a tight budget, why not buy the second-hand multifunctional devices that we have in our inventory. All of them are in working condition and are value-for-money options. Our in-house team thoroughly inspects each of them before buying. We then, repair them and replace the required parts so that they work as good as the new ones. All of them are 100% original.

We also sell consumables of multifunctional devices such as cartridges, copier papers, etc. Bulk orders are delivered free of cost in Sydney and all of its suburbs. The consumables are also of good quality. We give discounts on all of them.

We not only sell multifunctional appliances but also repair and service them. Our team is fully licensed and trained to deal with devices of all brands and models. Multifunctional devices work in different manner than the standard equipments. The technology that they use is quite complex and not everyone is skilled to deal with them. Hiring an inexperienced or untrained professional can further create problems for you and therefore, you must trust experts like us. We have a rigorously trained team of technicians who have a very good understanding of technology used by all leading brands and therefore, can offer you fast and efficient services.

  • We offer same day services (conditions apply).
  • We guarantee all our work including installation.
  • We are always on the standby and will reach you immediately thereby minimizing your downtime.

Once your multifunctional equipment is restore, don’t forget to discuss about our annual scheduled maintenance services that will help keep your equipments in a good condition, thereby minimizing the downtime. Our maintenance and repair services are very cost effective and we do offer discounts to our regular and special customers.

To know more about the multifunctional devices that we have or to place a service request, CALL US TODAY!

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